Season over view mid July

It’s been a good season here for me. In all honesty it’s probably been the best season I have ever had. 


Started some 18 nucs and all the queens were mated with in 10 days!. Bred up some more queens as spares and they mated successfully too. I ran some drone comb to help with the matings and not a varroa to be seen in there. Which in turn shows that the Oxalic treatment makes a good job, for this season certainly. 


The best hive has sat on a double national p[oly brood and never offered to swarm (2nd year queen) and produced some 200 lbs of comb honey into the bargain (bless her). 


Further, to my amazement I hit a Lime flow. Now I have been on this site for four seasons and the last three there was not a wiff of lime. This year due I suspect to the drenching during the winter the lime came up trumps and a wee walk round the woods on the farm revealed there are 28+ lime trees in the immediate area. 🙂 There is a substantial amount of lime comb honey on the hives consequentially. 

Drones on the way DSCF0928 Cut comb cuttingEnjoy the photos







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