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Feeding Autumn and Spring

Autumn feeding should be with 2:1 sugar to water. 

There has been a pointless debate for decades over which sugar is better, cane or beet. answer is both are perfecly good to use. 

The modern feed is inverted syrup which has to be bought. It is a bit more expensive but has advantages. It can be supplied in 1000 litre containers, or in 5 liter drums or 25 litre drums, your choice. As it is premixed there is no mess in the household to contend with and I am assured by a Bee Farmer friend that it will not excite robbing if some is accidentally spilt. 

After the weather cools and the bee master has concerns over light hives then fondant can be fed or candy. Again these can be made at home but it is considerably easier to source Bakers Fondant which I ask my local bakery to add to their order and as a sweetner give them some honey. Saves considerable mess in the kitchen.

I slice it, wrap in cling film, put on an empty super and inside it the fondant. Crown board on as usual and roof. I give the bees a decent chunk, say 3-4 kilos at a time. 

Spring feeding should be 1:1 or even more water than that as it is used to partly supply water and also a small excitement to the bees to aid brood rearing. 




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