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BBKA… British Beekeepers Association

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The British Bee Keepers Association or British Beekeepers Association tries to represent beekeepers in dealings with the Government in the UK.
This is the umbrella organisation that gathers together almost all English Beekeeping Associations and some individuals that do not belong to “county” associations.
It is a strange title as it implies that Wales and Scotland come under its auspices, however this is not the case and a more appropriate title would be ‘English Beekeepers Association’.
Various members of the executive committee can used to be contactable by Email directly. The information needed is now restricted to so called ‘members’.
I get many queries from people who are interested in finding out more about beekeeping, in particular they ask for information on what local beekeeping associations exist within their county. The BBKA has a page that lists those county beekeeping associations that are affiliated to the BBKA, but unfortunately they do not list county associations that are not affiliated, so if you feel that the nearest one is rather far from where you live, then there may well be a beekeeping association available that just happens not to be affiliated. I am prepared to put together a page of information about non affiliated beekeeping associations if such associations will contact me. Such a page will be linked from here if it is required.
Access to the BBKA website is limited to certain areas for what they term as ‘non members’. This is linked to their attempt to produce a database of the individual members of the member associations. If you cannot gain access then I suggest that you use the Email link in the panel above to ask for a user name and password. If you are a member of an affiliated association you will find such access details in recent copies of BBKA News.
British Beekeepers Association, National Beekeeping Centre
National Agricultural Association
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