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Making Creams using beeswax

This page is credited in full to Dave Cushman who created it. His voice is expressed in black colour text and any additions or comments in blue belong to myself. Credit: Dave Cushman’s website.



Creams are widely marketed by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical trades, but there is still a niche that beekeepers may fill.

Basic Skin Cream

This simple cream Recipe (from Eva Crane’s “Bees & Beekeeping”) consists of the following four ingredients… Measured by weight.
Filtered Beeswax… 18% Liquid Paraffin… 61% Distilled Water… 20% Borax… 1%
Melt the beeswax in the liquid paraffin at about 70 degrees Celsius. Heat the borax and water to the same temperature and use a small domestic electric egg beater to blend the two mixtures together.

Remove from the heat and continue mixing until the temperature has dropped to 42 C. The mixture is then poured into suitable containers or jars.

The jars should be labeled with the ingredients in descending order of percentage content, but it is not compulsory to list the figures themselves.