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Honey Shows and Showing Hive Products

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Honey Shows and Showing Hive Products

Honey Shows are often shunned by beginners as they do not understand the system or perhaps do not consider their products of adequate standard.

Those standards can best be achieved by trial and failure as at each attempt you will learn something new, and be better prepared “next time”.

There is no “magic” way to success, but diligent reading of the show schedule and paying attention to small details will get you there in the end… Success will not come easily as the standards are guarded by the band of honey judges. These judges are not ogres and are fair and honest, they will explain any point that you do not understand.

There are many honey shows, often they are incorporated into other events, but there are some that carry high esteem and are events in their own right. The National Honey Show is the largest event of this type in UK and attracts many entries of very high standard.

Among the competitors at the NHS there are a dedicated group of Irish beekeepers that take great pride in the many prizes that they win, the Irish Equivalent of the NHS is held during the annual summer school at Gormanston each year.

Most shows have a Novice class and dear novice it is awaiting your attentions. The show will be delighted if you make an attempt and enter. Just make sure you READ the SCHEDULE and if you have problems understanding it contact the secretary who will be pleased to assist. After all a show with no entries is…. no show at all.


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