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Finding and judging out Apiaries

Deciding to keep bees at home is of course your decision, however please bear the following in mind. 


How well do you get on with your neighbours? 

What are you going to do if you lose control of a large colony and your neighbours get stung badly?

What insurance do you have and will it cover the neighbours being off work due to your bees?


Possibly those questions will give you pause for some serious thinking. 


Out apiaries. Over the years I have dfound the simplest method is to go and look. Find the spot you want, sheltered, lots of suitable forage, water to hand, and good access as you will be moving weights about, if not hives then hopefully full supers and they do get heavy. 

Then approach the land owner and ask if you can put your bees “there”, which is far better than can I put some hives on your land as they then have to think and they are busy usually and more have no idea of your requirements. The usual rent by the way is a pound jar of honey per hive. 

Your agreement should also include a reasonable time to quit the site, I ask for a month. 

I have been refused once in goodness knows how many askings.  It just needs the “front” to do it. 

Good luck


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