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Beekeeping tools

Cedar National Hive

Given my preference for Poly it only seems fair to list a timber National manufacturer especially other than  one of the big three.  Pete Little is know to me personally and I have also hands on experience with his cedar National Hives. They are beautifully crafted and I use those words in the technical sense. …

Clearing Supers, Boards and methods

Diseases and pests


General Management

Honey, extracting, filtering,jarring and comb.

Miscellaneous Stuff that winna fit neatly else where

Queen Rearing

Swarming and control methods

The Beekeeping Season over view.

The Beekeeping season starts in Autumn which is the time of writing.    The old adage is to take your Winter losses in Autumn. Which means if you have colonies that are unlikely to make it through the cold months its best to unite them to a middling unit or a strong one. There is …