Making a difference : yes you can.


The Oloile Massai Primary School is situated near Kimana just South East of Amboseli National Park in Kenya and close to the Tanzanian border. The capital Nairobi is 186 miles to the north.

We have the pleasure of hosting occasionally a very special person who has adopted this school in Kenya. We have visited a very similar school and the kids use stones from the dust as toys, and a book is a REAL treasure for them. We took out some simple supplies with us, pencils calculators and erasers, and it is truly humbling to see a headmaster with tears of gratitude running down his face. Some teachers from the UK could well do with a spell out there to give them a reality check.

If you have marveled at the Kenyan long distance runners, well they start by running to school. Yes I am quite serious, 10k is not at all unusual for a “school run” in the proper sense, not the Chelsea tractor version, and that dear friends is each way! Oh and wearing flip flops made from car tyres not the very latest trainers.

Please take a minute to have a read and possibly consider the difference YOU can make to someones life by making a small donation to Rosie and her fund raising efforts.

Go on. The site is: Oloile Massai Primary School

Update, Rosie has been with us over the last two days and she is more than happy for donations of a pencil or dustless chalk to take with her on her next visit to the school and she is saying many thanks in advance. 


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