Late Winter update

I looked at the hives on Sunday and it was obvious that more fondant was needed and I was out of stocks so… I phoned my friendly local Baker and asked if they could get me five blocks and the cheery answer was of course. It arrived today and somewhat to my surprise it was 15 kgs and not 12.5’s so in a way a bonus though the cost was pretty much the same. 


I had a weather break (here in the UK we are in the middle of a weather sequence that is one storm after another) but luckily it lasted long enough to put the fondant on. 


Now I always over feed fondant and it is not an issue as when natural supplies make themsleves evident, I remove the excess and melt it into syrup which the bees take with no problems I am aware of so no wastage in reality. 


I moved a couple of hives a couple of feet and was a bit taken aback at how light they are. Just be aware your hives may need a bit more than you think and more Winter is far from over. Bee aware!



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