Honey sales. What not to do….

I was in the South last week and in a farm shop came across some honey. Actually I had to ask where it was as I couldn’t see it at first. It had a yellow text on a green background, which made it pretty invisible and it cost me £3-50. 


Various countries have regulations for labels so I am not going into that aspect, I am thinking you will know your own rules and follow them properly. However labels need to be SEEN and if you make the wrong choices it is an expensive error. Never mind what you think is pretty, does it stand out on the shelf?


Create a mock up. There are programs galore to do this. Print it to size. Put it on a jar. Stand back at least a metre or more as you would in a shop and LOOK. Can you read it? Can you actually see it at all? If the answer to those questions is a no, you have a problem then. Play with it until yo have a legible and striking label. If there is a large company in your country who make labels from standard templates try to resist the temptation as you will look the same as everyone else. In the UK I am thinking of the “country cottage” label from a large concern. 


Put some thought in and oh yes…… for goodness sake price your honey to reflect the work that the bees and you have put in. Put it like this, in my thoughts it is worth more than £5 a pound on the shelf. Not 2p. 



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