Finally and Honey bound

The weather changed and I have been busy today.


How are they? Curates egg all in all, one is excellent and some are average and the rest are pretty poor, the long cold spell has taken it’s toll, but that I expected. 


The excellent one was on 8 frames of brood. Yes, 8 frames. And frankly would have been on at least another two but for being honey bound.


It’s an oddity but in my experience bees confronted with slabs of sealed honey in Spring just look at it and leave it alone. However if you bruise it, as in crush the cappings they will munch it away and happily expand. If you leave it they will just be confined. 


I bruised one and put it slap dab in the middle of the 8 and next week it will be 9 frames of brood if not ten as I put an empty frame next to them as well. 





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