Exciting news for the British readership

After some careful thought, and from my own experiences, I realised there is a communications gap between those wanting to acquire bees, nucs and Queens . I am in the process of setting up a new site to enable vendors advertise their stock at a reasonable price.

I envisage that it may help those who are looking for particular strains to find them. 

I was persuaded this might work after finding out that one of the auction events in England takes 20% in total for each transaction. Imagine you sell 10 nucs at £100 each. so you pocket £1000. Err no, you pocket £875 and the happy buyer actually pays £107.50 for every lot. Fair enough there are costs involved, site hire auctioneer and so on. 

I am proposing a much cheaper model. A flat fee per advert, which will be considerably more economical for all concerned.

Coupled with the adverts will be a modest forum to allow vendors and customers to discuss potential purchases. 

If I get the right feedback I will consider adding on equipment as well. Local advertising is all very well but sometimes a wider audience pays off.  

The domain name was organised today and the site will be up very soon. “nucsandbees.co.uk”

Please keep an eye on stores as stocks may well now be getting very light. 



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