Drawing to a close

I looked up at our roof this morning and there was but one bumble to be seen flying. From busy busy activity to one bumble says but one thing, that the season is nearly over. Oddly whilst musing on the bumbles only one guest actually spotted them, and better still knew what they were!

Bee wise things are winding down, they are more reluctant to draw foundation and the queens are slowing markedly now. I am not boasting of a honey crop as I have spent this season producing bees with some reasonable success.  I have a vague hope of some honey this month now that the colonies are up to strength but am not holding my breath especially as I have had a dismal failure in finding a heather site. Such is life though and I am not overly worried about that given we want to move north again and so is it really worth the bother is getting matters settled just in time to move? I dinna think so. LOL





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