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New Header pic

The new pic was taken on Thursday 15th May in my garden using macro focus and the bee was very obliging, posing nicely as she flitted amongst the blossoms. I can happily say that today the bush is alive with bumble bees most of which are residing in our roof. Bless them. 🙂 My beloved …

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March willow close by the apiary.

  I was intrigued to see yellow pollen arriving at the hive doors and a short walk gave the answer. Some 500 yds away round the tree line were some 20+ willow trees, some in pollen and others going over and yet others about to open up so a first class source. I have included …

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Starvation Danger

The NBU has put out an email warning of starvation danger as I have been posting for over three weeks now. Please be aware that a heavy colony may have mostly Ivy honey and in reality not that much they can use. Conversely they may be very light of stores and so needing fed. If …

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