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Season over view mid July

It’s been a good season here for me. In all honesty it’s probably been the best season I have ever had.    Started some 18 nucs and all the queens were mated with in 10 days!. Bred up some more queens as spares and they mated successfully too. I ran some drone comb to help …

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June 2014 update

What a season so far, just amazing. 24 queens successfully mated out of 24 bred. Very few swarm calls but one good swarm collected and hived. Some 36 lbs of honey packed and selling well in the dining room here at the Guest House. Some 150 lbs on the hives still but about ready to …

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Onwards and Upwards

Just to let you all know the site has surpassed 1,000,000 page views this past week. To say it is pleasing is putting it mildly. 🙂   First honey of the year harvested and packed today. 36 sellable pounds and another 15lbs or so offcuts to put on the breakfast table for our guests. Which …

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