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Fondant check today 11th March

Interesting situation it seems. One of my detested wee fiends has been a visiting. I find it bizarre that when for many years poly floors were designed to keep mice OUT that a company would design a poly unit to allow the wee fiends IN! Stupid or what? Also a colony showing some dysentry symptoms …

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First Spring inspection, when?

When should you look through?   Well a good start would be when it is Spring and it is certainly not that balmy in the East Mids at the moment so I for  one am exercising my patience.

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Skills for Beekeeping…. warning long post…LOL

What skills do you need or can expect to develop as a beekeeper. The honest answer is it will depend on what level of beekeeping you want to achieve, the Beefarmer has a rather different skill set to the two colony hobbyist but they share too a number of abilities. In no particular order of importance.

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