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New home and all is well… nearly

Sorry for the delay but selling up a business them moving a few hundred miles takes time. However we re now located in the very lovely Scottish ~Borders in a lovely small village with no street names or numbers and no street lights so a dark sky environment! Bees? Yes I have now got the …

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The Lime ends for me.

Had a wonderful flow off lime this season which has just ended. My breeder colony on a double National poly broodbox has produced some 6 supers of comb honey from it. Quiet bees, obviously productive, and not a sign of swarming all season. I am grafting from them with a view to splitting my remaining …

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Arran Beekeeping Club

Congratulations to the commencement of organised mutual bee help on the lovely island of Arran.   Sadly last year we didn’t have time to seek out one of the founders for a chat, but instead witnessed some wildlife wonders during our three day stay. Best wishes to you all and if this site can assist …

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