Category: Mobus

Early swarming in 2014?

I had a very fast look at one of my strong colonies which has been powerful all Winter. I was impressed to find sealed brood on four frames, with I suspect (forgot the blessed glasses) that there is open brood on the comb faces adjacent.  Can’t remember seeing them this forward at this strength which …

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Registration process

This is now up and running again due to a considerable effort by my web master Lee. The rate of spam was impressive to say the least, one every minute or so 24/7 adds up to a lot of deleting.    Please do now register and join over 3000 others in being updated as soon …

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Weather…. that dreadful topic?

Here we are in late Feb and Winter still has us in a firm dreary and cold grip. My temperature this morning at 7-50 am is 2 C. I am confident that my bees are clustered: poly hives regardless. LOL   What can we do to help? Frankly not a lot, provided your bees are …

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