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What poly to buy?

The first thing is to ask the density. 100gms/litre is the standard.  Next is wall thickness, I am not happy unless there is 40mm all round.  Are mice engineered out? The entrance should not allow mice in. Some do so beware.  The roof should have sides that keep the roof on reasonably well. A brick …

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I have bees (I think) but am not sure what they are?

    At this time of year, late Spring and early Summer insect populations are growing and becoming more visible and the phone begins to ring.  From left to right and not to scale, bumble, wasp, and honey bee.  To establish what the caller actually has I ask the following questions.  Are they round and …

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The Cross over point.

I was reminded by an article in Beecraft of the cross over point. What’s that?

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