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Disaster: I broke a super.

I slipped whilst barrowing some supers and one landed badly and the 30 odd pounds of honey broke off a side. Scrap super? Nope. Simple glue and screw repair. 

Honey sales. What not to do….

I was in the South last week and in a farm shop came across some honey. Actually I had to ask where it was as I couldn’t see it at first. It had a yellow text on a green background, which made it pretty invisible and it cost me £3-50.    Various countries have regulations for …

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The art and craft of nucleus creation and management.

The art and craft of nucleus creation and management   Nuc: A miniature colony comprising Queen and workers mainly. Usually five brood combs or less.   Note I am not discussing mini nucs in this article as they are a specialised unit specifically for queen mating.   My preference for poly is more than vindicated …

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