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As we slide into Winter mode.

If there is an open mesh floor and insulation over the crown board the bees are in the best configuration for the coming cold months. I now leave them alone as the mouse guards are fitted and there is no need to bother the colonies. In early Jan I start feeding fondant, especially to my …

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Early spring Management

Hello to you and the idea behind this short series of articles is how to build up colonies to a good strength and how to take advantage of the same. Whether you are interested in the challenge of the moors, or have wondered if you can rear a queen I hope to stimulate your thoughts …

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Honey: Getting it home

I will start by saying I throughly detest Porter bee escapes. I have two good reasons for this. The first is the escape it’s self is prone to failure. It might be a fat drone getting stuck or it might be the springs are not set properly and the escape fails. Yes if it’s in …

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