Category: Disaster Recovery

Disaster: I broke a super.

I slipped whilst barrowing some supers and one landed badly and the 30 odd pounds of honey broke off a side. Scrap super? Nope. Simple glue and screw repair. 

Incompatible hives disaster

For changing from one hive type to another make a board to fit the biggest unit, cut a hole in it to match the internal dimensions of the smaller one and put them in the order you want.    Say you are moving from National to Langstroth, the adaptor board made from the cheapest sheet …

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Queen in supers disaster

Easy one this, put the brood box on top of the supers, change out the excluder if you have suspicions and leave it OUT until the queen is back in the Brood Box which she will be after a week for two good reasons, the brood will attract her and queens love to be up, …

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