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A Heather evening

There are some things that just stand out in ones memories, and for me this is a prime one. The bees had been on the moors for over three weeks, and I am in the habit of moving to the sites around mid July as there are considerable number of small flowers nestling in the …

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How it all began.

Around about 1986 my then wife told me a story about her family history. Her granny had locally been a famous beekeeper, all through the years of rationing the queue appeared at her door as the word spread locally that “Mrs Findlay has extracted!” The story that caught my attention was this.

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DAMP, CONDENSATION AND VENTILATION. Brood Rearing in the Winter Cluster.

Brood Rearing in the Winter Cluster By Bernard Mobus, N.D.B. Part 1  Brood Rearing in the Winter Cluster By BERNHARD Morsus, N.D.B. Part 3 Winter is an annual event, and the cold season will be here again before we know it. Wintering losses of honey bee colonies are becoming more frequent and serious now since …

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