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In all the years I have had bees I cannot recall ever getting into April with out having achieved the first inspection, yet this is my situation and I am not happy at all about it. It is as ever a judgement call. Do I just barge on and do more harm than good or do I exercise patience …

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Small Beetle alert. Courtesy of the Scottish Bee Association

Please be aware of this dire threat and be alert. LOOK folks, remember Varroa. Oh aye and thanks for your help Gavin. Cheers.   PH

Exciting news for the British readership

After some careful thought, and from my own experiences, I realised there is a communications gap between those wanting to acquire bees, nucs and Queens . I am in the process of setting up a new site to enable vendors advertise their stock at a reasonable price. I envisage that it may help those who …

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