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Going to the Heather

Over and over the old chestnut of the Glorious 12th as the starting date appears in print. If you want a heather crop it pays, literally to be on your moor by the third week in July. I attended one Aberdeen and District honey show where the “worthies” were moaning about the failure of the …

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Over wintered Nucs

It’s been a late start this season and as of today’s date I consider it three weeks later than 2014.    My over wintered nucs are in two camps, the very ordinary and the romping ahead camp. The temptation is to borrow from the good to boost the poor but no I am resisting. The …

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Finally and Honey bound

The weather changed and I have been busy today.   How are they? Curates egg all in all, one is excellent and some are average and the rest are pretty poor, the long cold spell has taken it’s toll, but that I expected.    The excellent one was on 8 frames of brood. Yes, 8 …

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