The 2014 season begins

As it was a lovely day here I went up to the bees to look at a Langstroth nucleus colony which has over wintered in a 6 frame poly box. 

As I had half hoped there was brood to be seen. I only pulled the one frame to inspect and the brood was exactly where I thought it would be which is to say on the frame NEXT to the wall. How strong would a timber nuc be before you see that? 


In poly though perfectly normal as it is the warmest place in the unit. The queen has been laying for at least 9 days as the brood was sealed and had open cells occupied around it. 

A good start. 

Today 5th of March pollen was evident at all the entrances and at 12C strong flying was going on. I knew one hive was likely to be out of fondant and so it proved so from inside an empty hive I took out the block of fondant, cut off a 2 kilo slice and they were fed again inside three minutes. I try to achieve minimum disturbance and this is one way to help that. 




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