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Celebrating the numbers

Just to blow a bit, there have as of today 250,000 page views of the site and Bernard Mobus is being more widely read than ever.   PH

The art and craft of nucleus creation and management.

The art and craft of nucleus creation and management   Nuc: A miniature colony comprising Queen and workers mainly. Usually five brood combs or less.   Note I am not discussing mini nucs in this article as they are a specialised unit specifically for queen mating.   My preference for poly is more than vindicated …

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Festive check up needed NOW!

I am just back from checking my hives after the gales last night and two were in urgent need of help, one having tipped and nudged the other askew on the floor. As the temperature with the wind chill was pretty low, around 4 degrees the bees stayed clustered whilst I put them to rights. …

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