May 2013 archive

Gold plated hives?

Read in a paper today someone whilst bemoaning the theft of four hives, and we all hate thieves do we not, claimed the units were worth £1000 each. Really?   With the best will in the world I cannot make that maths work unless there were serious skyscrapers of supers on top. Or the floors …

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Scottish Bee Farmers in trouble?

I heard last night that there are massive losses amongst the commercial bee men in Scotland.  Colonies are still dying off from the winter weather and losses of over 90% were quoted.  I can only sympathise with these guys who work so very hard to make a living and are so vulnerable to the weather, and the …

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Dangerous conditions still: 2nd May

Did a quick inspection this morning in very pleasant conditions and was shocked to find how close to starvation the colonies were. I am returning tomorrow to feed as an insurance. (1:1 syrup)   Please check yours to make sure they are supplied. The cold weather over the last week or so has not been …

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