February 2013 archive

The Cross over point.

I was reminded by an article in Beecraft of the cross over point. What’s that?

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Weather…. that dreadful topic?

Here we are in late Feb and Winter still has us in a firm dreary and cold grip. My temperature this morning at 7-50 am is 2 C. I am confident that my bees are clustered: poly hives regardless. LOL   What can we do to help? Frankly not a lot, provided your bees are …

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Transferring Bees from hive to hive

This comes up every year in that the beekeeper has over winter decided to invest in a “better” hive, and they may be right though in my view if they are not going poly they ain’t but that’s another matter.    So………… how to.   Lets start by assuming the hive footprint is the same, …

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