The Nucry . No such word I know but…

Last year (2019) was one of the worst I can remember for queen rearing. I finally managed to get some mated in late July early August so some of my nucs are rather precarious.

I set out 16 for the Winter with the ambition of (with luck) getting at least 10 through. Of that number, I intend selling 4 (or more) and using the remainder to bulk up to 24.

The point is that the Nucs from now on will be self- sustaining. They will provide the material for queen rearing (though obviously not the grafting material) and so I can avoid hitting on the production colonies for frames of brood and bees.


I have invested in Maisemore 6 frame poly nucs and have several on double broods. I am pondering on what I can do to make second broods for my now rather elderly 5 frame nucs. Mind you there’s still considerable life in them, it’s finding 25mm insulation board of sufficient density to work with that’s the problem.

My next move in spring will be to find a second site so that the Nucs can be totally sperate from the main colonies and out of the way.



As we slide into Winter mode.

If there is an open mesh floor and insulation over the crown board the bees are in the best configuration for the coming cold months. I now leave them alone as the mouse guards are fitted and there is no need to bother the colonies. In early Jan I start feeding fondant, especially to my …

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Official Scottish Government advice

Guidance From Scottish Bee Health Inspectorate  The Bee Health Teams of DEFRA, the Scottish and Welsh Governments have issued their advice and guidance for beekeeping in the UK given the current restrictions around COVID-19, which can be found by clicking here. This guidance has been published on Beebase and if you are not already registered on Beebase …

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Clara Furness Wax Polish Recipie

10 gms Carnuba Wax this is for a hard finish.  90gms wax 500mls solvent. Now this can be pure turps, or 300 white spirit and 200 turps or even less but the turps smell is what sells this product.  Melt it all in a double boiler and pour into containers and allow to set.  Rub on with …

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As Winter draws on

Do please keep hefting for the weight of stores as with the lengthening daylight brooding will be starting up soon and more reserves will be consumed. Now is also the time to be deciding what techniques you are planning on using for making increase and swarm control. Remember breeding (taking queen cells) from swarmy hives …

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